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Medicare Sales Income Calculations

Currently, there are roughly 10,000 people turning 65 and become eligible for Medicare in the US each day. These individuals will need Medicare insurance to go with their Medicare.

Medicare sales compensation is totally based on straight commission. So, you only get compensation when you make a sale. Note that the client does not have to pay you anything for your services. The insurance carrier compensates you for every client you sign up on a plan or “sale”. You will also receive a renewal commission for every client that continues on that plan the following years. The renewal compensation is payment for servicing your clients.

Medicare Sales Income Math


Let’s use rough figures to calculate how much income you can earn signing people up just on Medicare Advantage insurance plans:

Currently 1 New to Medicare Advantage plan pays $510.00 commission.

On top of that, presently there is a Health Assessment Bonus of $50.00 for helping them fill out a Health Assessment questionnaire.

This brings the Total New to Medicare Commission to $560.00.

$560.00 divided by a 40-hour workweek equals $14.00 per hour if you just sign up one New to Medicare person a week.

However, if you sign up a total of 6 New to Medicare people a month it equates to an income of $40,320.00 a year.

The following year you will receive renewal income on every client you have in your Book of Business. So, the next year’s Renewals on these sales equals $255.00 per member using 2020’s figures. Based on just 6 New to Medicare sales a month your Renewal commissions would be $1530.00 per month the second year.

So, if you continue to sell just 6 New to Medicare sales a month your second-year commissions will equal the $40,320.00 plus the Renewals of $18,360.00 which comes up to $58,680.00 a year.

If you were to only just sign up one New to Medicare plan a week it would be $2240.00 a month initial commission and $1020.00 a month Renewal or a total of $39,120.00 a year by the second year.

As you can see, you could easily be making $40-$60,000 a year by your second year using very conservative numbers and it just goes up every year from there.

But wait, there is more

Also, keep in mind, this income calculation example is solely based on New to Medicare Advantage plan sales. You will be selling Medicare Supplements, Prescription Drug Plans, and a whole host of ancillary plans as well. You also receive commissions and renewals when you handle people’s Medicare Advantage plan changes when clients switch plans as well.



As you can see, Medicare insurance sales can be a very lucrative and rewarding business to get into. Just remember it is not just all about the money. Helping seniors get educated on Medicare, the insurance plans that are available to them, and signing them up on a plan that fills their needs is extremely rewarding in itself.

Ashford Insurance wants to assist you in your new career. We assist you with the licensing process if you are not licensed. We will also help you with the insurance carrier appointing process, including all the training curriculum. 

If you do not have your Texas Life and Health insurance license yet please see:


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